Monday, September 17, 2007

WIPs Update

Twist & Shout Socks:
I'm having a bad case of second sock syndrome with the socks. I've finished the 1st sock! YAY!!! I've casted on, knitted the cuff and am working on the leg of the 2nd one. I'm slowly knitting the sock. I've been avoiding knitting the sock by studying, knitting other projects, and not taking the sock with me when I've been hanging out at friends' houses. I have to finish this sock this week. I need start my brother's birthday socks...... his birthday was yesterday. (New Year's resolution 2008 knit and finish items for people by their birthdays.)

Branching Out Lace Scarf:
I'm working on my 20th repeat of the pattern. I have about 7-10 more repeats. I only work the scarf when I'm alert and alone. It's so easy for me to get lost with this pattern. I started highlighting the lace rows and using a long post to help me stay on track.

Red Scarf:
I'm knitting this scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I plan on being done with it by October 1st so I can mail it in by the deadline, October 15th. I'm knitting the scarf with Paton's Decor yarn in claret. Its an acrylic/wool blend. I wanted to use a yarn that's machine washable. I figure a college student wouldn't have the time to hand wash anything. The awesome pattern is My So Called Scarf. I love this pattern. I plan on making my little brother a scarf using it too. I found a Youtube video on the 2 row repeat. The scarf should be approximately 5 inches wide and 60 inches long. I'm using US 10.5 needles and casted on 38 stitches to get the right width. I'm using 2 different dyelots of the yarn and changing the yarn every 8 inches. I plan on making a scarf that's 64 inches long. I'm going to also include a gift card with the scarf package. I can send a gift from Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble or Starbucks. Leave me a comment message on where I should buy the gift card.

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AllyB said...

Hey! I'd go for the Starbucks, he can use it several times that way and think of you each time he uses it, hee hee. Your knitting looks great. Glad to see you're in the FIA swap.