Monday, September 3, 2007

Thank goodness I have a lifeline

It rained all week of my vacation. It started on Sunday and as I got closer to Victoria. I could see the rain clouds.

I went this past week to my home town to visit my family. It was my dad's 59th birthday. As he gets older he looks more and more like my grandmother(his mother). Same face, same peaceful, sweet personality. He's big teddy bear. My dad's great and the best male role model I could ever have. (Guess you don't have to wonder why I'm 39 and still single.) I've been stressed out lately so I needed to go to Victoria and spend time with my family, my lifeline when the world's not too nice to me.

I did get some knitting done this week. I'm knitting some dishcloths and crocheting potholders for my friend, N, for her upcoming birthday. I was able to knit 2 grandma's favorite dishcloths, 2 DW dishcloths, 1 garterlac dishcloth and crocheted 3 potholders. (Photos coming when I'm done)

I tried knitting the Branch Out lace scarf but I stopped after I made a mistake. I was talking to my lil brother and not paying attention to my knitting. I had 26 stitches when I should have had 27. I tried tinking but I ended up having to rip back to my lifeline. If I had an extra hand I would be able to show you the white dental floss that I'm using as my lifelines. All I could get was a good picture of the edges coming out of the scarf. I was able the slide my stitches back on my needle easily. My friend, J, referred me to great little article on using lifelines. Jackie E-S suggests putting the lifeline in a resting row of the pattern. My lifeline is in the 10th row of the lace pattern, the purl row. I've put them in after every 2 pattern repeats. I'm being anal so I've put in 2 lifelines just in case I need them.

I was able to unwrap and knit the stitches of the short row heel. Yay!!!! I like how they looked and I kept on knitting. I should be done with the 1st sock and will start the second sock this week. The second sock always knits up quicker for me because I all I have to do is knit it. The first sock takes me longer because I nitpick. The perfectionist in me comes out and I rip my knitting if I don't like how it looks. With this sock, I've been ripping alot. I'll post the notes I took on the Twist & Shout socks after I've finished the pair.

I took this picture as I was leaving Victoria. The rain clouds are gone. Calm, peaceful cattle country. My pictures of the cattle were too blurry.

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