Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall into Autumn Topic #1

Now that in some geographic locations the weather is starting to turn cooler, do you change the type of yarn(s) you knit/crochet with? If so, what do you now knit/crochet with instead and why? If not, why do you not switch and what do you knit/crochet with?

I haven't changed the yarn that I'm using. I guess because I'm a beginner.... advanced beginner.... I'm trying to knit projects that I like and are fun.

In my part of the country, we have summer/spring/fall type of weather. It's still summer for us here in South Texas. I'm planning to knit things that are light weight. Light weight scarves, hats, shawls, etc. DK weight types of yarn and some merino wool. Nothing thick or bulky. In November, I think that I'll try knitting a tank top. One of my goals this year is to knit a top. I'll use a yarn that will be cool enough of our weather down here. I want the tank top to be cool yet warm also. If I want to wear it when it's colder, I can put a jacket on over it.... that's what we do here for winter... put a jacket on. Patterns like the ones in Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting's Spring issues are the type of patterns that are appropriate for this area. I'd love knit a thick wooly cabled sweater,but I may only get to wear it on average for 2-3 weeks total yearly.

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