Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Fugly 1st Scarf

Christine, my SP11 hostess, wants to know about the worst item I have ever knit/crochet. What was it? Who was it for? What went wrong? Did I give it to the intended recipient, hide it away never again to see the light of day, frog it, or just throw it in the trash?

Yarn: Feza Iplik Hawaii in red

It took me 2 days but I found it. I hid it in a box full of old books. This drop stitch scarf is the very 1st scarf I ever knitted. It was my second knit project. I picked out the yarn intending to make a beautiful scarf that I would proudly wear.

The combination of the fun fur and 100% straight nylon yarn and my inexperience made an uneven tensioned scarf. I had a hard time with the drop stitches. Not only did I have drop stitching in the straight yarn, the pattern called for me to do drop stitches in the fur fur sections. I would get lost and rip back to a garter stitch row alot. I got so frustrated with this scarf that I went back to the yarn store, complained, and bought a skein of Elsebeth Lavold and knit me a simple garter stitch scarf. I was determined to finish the drop stitch scarf which I did. You can tell that I never intended to wear the scarf because I didn't weave the ends in.

Now, I'm not saying that fun fur is ugly and should never be used. I went on to make a few scarves with it and they came out lovely. In fact the scarf, I knitted for my cousin, T, is one of the most beautiful things that I've knitted. (I didn't take pictures of it.) I was even thinking of keeping that scarf for myself because I liked it so much.

I went to the Feza Iplik website to show you a picture of another knitted scarf using the Hawaii yarn but the picture has been taken down. It's like Feza Iplik doesn't want claim any involvement with the yarn either. lol

Now, I offer these picture to those who have read this post and don't want the pictures of my scarf burned into their retinas. Look at the pretties......


Eileen said...

It looks good on the vase you have it on. :-) (I think that's a vase?)

fall into autumn pal said...

well I don't think this scarf is too bad. It was one of your first projects!!