Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Your Mark... Ready..... Set..... Wait a few more Days!!!!

I'm impatiently waiting for Friday, February 15th. That's when the Ebony Elite KCAL starts. I'm so excited and I want to start knitting right now! The purpose of the kcal is to challenge ourselves. Alot of the people in the group are knitting or crocheting sweaters. The Flair by Knit and Tonic seems to be popular. I'm knitting the Adamas Shawl by Mimknits. I'm making it for one of my aunts(my grandmother's sister) as a Mother's Day gift. The yarn I'll be using is JaggerSpun Maineline in Natural. It's creamy vanilla color and has 2240 yards in a cone. I bought it at Sarah's Yarn. I'm going to be using my Knitpicks Harmony interchangeable US 6s to knit the shawl. I'm adding 4 more repeats to the shawl because my aunt is a tall woman.

I've joined the Mystic Light Shawl Kal yahoo group that's hosted by Knit&knag. I'll be using the same yarn I'm using for the Adamas Shawl to make that shawl. It's for one of my other aunts(my grandmother's other sister).

On Monday I got in 3 of the 4 sock yarns I need to make my Pay It Forward gifts. I have only about 4 more months to make the socks for the women who signed up in December.

The FF Prosperity is for Deb. The yarn looks like money.

The FF Coral Pink is for Lushorama. She loves bright colors.

The FF Spellbound is for OP. It's gorgeous! I'll be buying more of it.

AJ, my Sock It to Me Twice hostess, wants to know what are my favorite sock yarns. I haven't knit with all of them but will.

Top 10 Sock Yarns

10. The Fiber Denn I've found the blue yarn for 2 of my nephews Christmas socks

9. MamaBlue Her Baja and Talula are gorgeous!

8. LotusYarns I covet her Under the Pink colorway

7. Wollmeise Yes I CAN see myself paying the shipping and buying this German sock yarn.

6. Dream in Color Smooshy Sock I'm going to buy the Black Parade to do Christmas socks for my brother and SIL.

5. Unwind Yarn Co I fell in love with her Prince of Tides colorway last yarn

4. MadelineTosh Lovely if you can get it! I've been trying to buy more of it since I made those vermillion socks but everyone is sold out. :-(

3. White Willow Her yarn is sooo soft.

2. Lisa Souza I made socks for my dad using her yarn

1. Fearless Fibers It's my "go to" sock yarn.

Ravelry Pattern Surfing: Liesel Scarf by MJ

The Liesel Scarf is lace scarf that can be knit with any type of yarn. MJ is a knitwear designer living in Germany. She has also a sock pattern I'll talk about next week. I casted on for the scarf this week using Patons Classic Merino wool in black. I'm an EE swap angel and I think my spoilee will like it. I'm not being anonymous with her because I want her to know that someone is being responsible, doing something for her and is following through on a promise.


Miss Me said...

i really enjoyed knitting the adamas shawl. if i had of thought of it at the time, i probably would have added a few reps, too. thanks for the enabling re: the mystic light shawl... i'll be finished the secret of the stole ii by then and will be needing more lace!

Nichole said...

Beautiful yarns... can't wait to see what you make for your PIF gifts!

Virtuous said...

So glad you are excited about the KCAL!!

Only less than 24 hours away!

Happy Love Day!

Grace Yaskovic said...

If you can't find a copy of the pattern let me know I have some extra's and I can scan it to you (Cockleshell scarf)

I plan to SOMEDAY do the Leisl scarf myself!!! Grace