Friday, February 29, 2008

You Knew I HAD to post something on this qwirky day

WIP: PIF Deb's Money Socks

I love how the Fearless Fiber's Prosperity is knitting up in this unisex pattern. It's the Slipped Stitch Rib from SKS. I sneakingly asked a buddy if he liked the sock and he said he did. I'm planning on making them for him later this year.

WIP: Adamas Shawl

I'm about halfway through making this shawl. I have 243 stitches now and I'm working on the 8th repeat of chart 2.

I'm US 7 needles instead of the 6s. I hope I can block this shawl to really make the diamonds come out. I hope mine will look as good as MissMe's Adamas Shawl. Seeing hers was the inspiration for me to make mine.

Ravelry Pattern Surfing: Aveline Slouchy Hat by Jennifer T.

The Aveline Slouchy Hat is a $3.75 pattern available on The pattern starts with a tubular cast on. I'd read on Ravelry so many threads about the tubular cast ons that it seemed confusing and made me not want to knit this hat. It's actually easy if you just follow Jennifer's instructions. I'm thinking of pairing the hat with Jennifer's Grape Hyacinth Lace Scarf(in black also) to give my SIL for her birthday. The purple yarn you see is waste yarn that'll be taken out eventually. I'm magic looping the hat.

? 4000+ yards of wool?

What would you do with this yarn? Dye it? It's laceweight wool yarn that my friend bought for a dollar at Goodwill. She gave it to me in exchange after I use up the yarn she wants the cone to make an angel.


Criquette said...

I love the shawl (and your Forest Canopy shawl, too). You're very talented.

Miss Me said...

your adamas shawl is looking fabulous! i never bothered to count the stitches - just didn't need to know... your aunt is going to be THRILLED!
and is that laceweight yarn really orange? one orange shawl or wrap might be nice, but more than that - probably not. overdyeing might just be the way to go!