Friday, March 7, 2008

Presenting the Slipped Stitch Rib Socks

The Slipped Stitch Rib Socks were made with FF superwash sock yarn in the Prosperity colorway and knitted on US1 Addi needles with a 9 spi gauge.

The socks begins with a k1p1 rib cuff,

a slipped stitch rib leg that

continues into the heel with a garter stitch edging,

an instep foot in pattern with a stockinette sole

and ends with a standard toe.

I think the pattern is unisex and I'll use it again to make my dad's Father's Day gift. I'll probably buy FF Smoke colorway for them.

My next PIF socks are for Lushorama. Since she likes bright colors, I'm using FF Coral Pink to knit the Double Lace Ribbing.

Note: My camera stopped communicating with my laptop so the rest of this post is pictureless. I'll edit this post if I can get them communicating again and insert pictures for mail call and pattern surfing.

Mail Call

Deb from Fearless Fibers must be lovin me. My latest purchases were Spellbound(the teal green one it replaces the one I'm using to make the Jacobean), Discipline(the blue one), and two skeins of Sloth(the pastel blue ones I'm going to use to make the Mystic Light Shawl).

Pattern Surfing: Jacobean Socks by Julie P.

The Jacobean is the first discipline/event pattern in Sock Knitters Pentathlon 2008. It's a mostly stockinette sock that has the diamond motif on the instep/front of the sock. I'm modifying the pattern by adding a few stitches so it'll fit my size 10 wide feet(US).

I saw this on Girly with a Twist. You have to play this game. I wasted 90 seconds trying to spell one of the states correctly. I also wasted 2 minutes trying to remember the one state I was missing.


Grace Yaskovic said...

ahhh we have the same size feet

you asked if I knit English or continental and I never remember which is which, I throw my yarn with my right hand! I learned that way over 40 years ago and it works for me!

Nichole said...

The socks are gorgeous!