Friday, November 30, 2007

Knitting Content

Hemlock Ring Throw

The Cascsade Eco Wool yarn that I ordered from a Washington knitting shop was backordered so I ordered some from JimmyBeansWool. I want the throw to be finished and blocked by December 18th. I immediately casted on with a J/1o crochet hook. I magic looped the first 9 rounds then switched to 2 circs. I had to sleep on it to understand how to knit and purl 9 stitches into a double yarn over. Instead of using BrooklynTweed's pattern in which the blocked diameter of the throw is about 4 feet, I'm using the Hemolock Ring KAL pattern that's on yahoo. I want my throw's diameter to be about 5 feet.

Harmony Needles

I'm using US 10.5 Harmony interchangable needles. I bought 2 sets of the 10.5 needles, 40 inch and 47 inch cables to try out. I'm going to have 600 plus stitches on the circs and I didn't want them to be crowded. When I knit lace, I have to constantly count stitches. I didn't want to miscount stitches because they're crowded.

Secret Pal Socks

These are the Apple Harvest Socks I knitted for my downstream secret pal. I used White Willow Market's superwash socks in the SnapDragon colorway. I hope she likes them. I hope they fit too. I used the foot circumference times my sock yrn gauge to get the right number of cast on stitches. The Apple Harvest socks made me see that a heel flap can be knitted in k1p1 with a continuation of the leg pattern. I'm understanding more about sock designing. I particularly like this photo because the hot pink in the yarn looks hot pink instead of orange. I've learned from reading Adrienne's interview of BrooklynTweed that the best light for taking photos is natural light. You'll be seeing better pictures from me.

First Toe Up Socks
For my next sock project, I'm making the Lace Rib socks from SNS. The sock yarn is Madeleine Tosh's Superwash in the Vermillion colorway. The socks are for a pal's who's birthday was in November. (Yeah I late again.) I wanted to try something new and try again to do short row heels. I'm going to use Kathleen Taylor's NoWrap Short Row Heel.

I casted on using Judy Becker's Magic cast on for toe up socks that I read about at I'm a visual learner so I looked at the Cat Bordhi videos on youtube to see how to do the magic cast on and the left and right increases. I casted on 40 stitches, half the total number of stitches I need.

You Are Austin

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I'm "totally weird, artistic, freaky." LMAO


AllyB said...

Whoa, that's some fabulous loot! Have a great weekend!

AllyB said...

Whoa, that's some fabulous loot! Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

I am going to check out this link for short row heels, I like that they use less yarn and sometimes they look good for the patterned yarns, but I've had trouble with gaps and holes, have you?

Popping over from Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap :o) said...

after Christmas I am going to try socks...