Thursday, December 6, 2007


I joined the 2klace Ravelry group because I'm find that I enjoy knitting lace. I'm slow and I make mistakes,but I like the challenge. The rules of the group are fairly simple. Over 50% of my projects in 2008 have to be lace. Lace socks are included. YAY! I'm going to buy another US1 addi turbo lace so I can knit a doily for my stepmom's birthday present. The doily will be one of my first projects of 2008. I also want knit at least 2 more Hemlock Ring Blankets in 2008.

I haven't been able to successfully knit the Hemlock Ring Blanket this week without missing up. I've had to tink and tink til I finally ripped back to my lifeline. I figured out that the written instructions and the chart aren't the same and that's why my count was off. I put it down on Tuesday and haven't worked on it since. I'll pick it up again next week and I'm only going to use the written instructions. I work better under pressure any way. What have so far looks pretty....

What I've been working on instead is the Foliage Hat from I'm making it for myself. It's a lace hat that's surprisingly easy to knit. Of course it's purple.

I'm still working on the my 1st toe up sock. I've made it through the short row heel and now I'm knitting the leg. I've researched and asked questions about casting off. I was all set to use a crochet bind off, but instead I'm going to use EZ's sewn cast off with Denise's variation.

WWCS Topic of the Week
Our hostesses wanted us to get to know 2 other people in the swap that were not our upstream or downstream pals. I've had conversations this week with Angela about short row heels without holes. I talked to Heather about cables and patient sock knitting.


AllyB said...

Greetings and Happy Holidays! Your Hemlock is looking fabulous. I really like the yarn you're making the sock with, very pretty color.

Eileen said...

Everything looks great!

Angela said...

Lace is on my list of things to do, maybe once I finish the many UFOs around here I'll start a lace project :o) I like challenging patterns also and then I usually have something really easy to work on if something harder is frustrating, LOL!!

Your sock is looking very good!!