Friday, December 14, 2007

New Year's Knitting Resolutions 2008

Texas Purl Gurl has a New Year's Knitting Resolution thing on her blog and I thought it was a cool idea. Those who have read my blog should NOT be surprised with the first one....

1. Knit a gift and give it to the designated person ON TIME!!!!! (Don't even ask me about the Hemlock Ring Throw.) I need to plan, organize and execute better.

2. Knit Lace in over 50% of my projects.

3. Knit EZ's Pi Shawl.

4. Learn to spin and use my drop spindle. Just not play around with the roving and spindle like I have been doing.

5. Learn to dye my own yarn.

6. Finish the crochet tutorial I started last summer.

What's your knitting resolutions for 2008?


Dawn said...

Everyone in my knitting group thinks the Hemlock Ring is da bomb. I may have to check on that!

Good luck with your resolutions!

Angela said...

Great idea, I will be thinking about this and posting on my blog. I know there's a 1 year old sweater I wanted to make and the kiddo will be one in February ... better get started on that. The only good thing for me is that he was born preemie, so he's smaller than most kids his age, but not by much!

Virtuous said...

Oh! I so gotta use that button.

I am only going to make one commitment for 2008 (even though I could list a ton) and that is:

This will be the year of the sock!! YAH!

Eileen said...

I just put my list up on my blog.

Happy New Year!