Monday, November 5, 2007

Flower Cubes, Apple Harvest Socks and Branching Out Scarf

Flower Cube

I was looking at the wildflower pictures posted on Flickr and found a Pansy Cube. Luvmykatz created it using program found on Dumpr. She was kind enough to answer my email and give me the name of the site she used to create the Pansy Cube. She has swirls, Faberge eggs and alot of other beautiful pictures of flowers.

FO: Apple Harvest Socks

I finished the Apple Harvest Socks I knitted for my friend, S. Her favorite color is green so I hope she likes them. The socks were easy to knit and I'm making the sock pattern my "gotta make a female pair of socks quick pattern."

Sshhhh! It's a secret!!! Don't say anything but I'm making a pair of socks using this yarn for someone......

I'll post pictures at the end of the month. The yarn is White Willow Market's superwash supersoft fingering weight merino in the Snapdragon colorway. It's grapey purple and hot pink. In the picture the hot pink looks orangey.

I've started knitting the Branching Out Scarf again. I put it off to the side in September. I have about 10 more pattern repeats then I'll be done. I'm going to try to block it myself. After I finish it I'm going to try knitting the Forest Canopy Shawl with the Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters.

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