Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knitterly Things I like

Knitting Blogs:
My SP11 hostess, Christine is having one more contest for our group. Yay!
What do you need to do to enter? Easy! Just link me to a fresh, new, interesting knit/crochet blog. No YarnHarlot, Crazy Aunt Purl and others that everyone has heard of. I want new. That's it.

There are so many blogs I like. It was hard to choose. I ended up putting the names of my top 4 picks in a bowl and picking one. I chose Crimson Purl. My top 4 picks were:

Crimson Purl -I enjoy reading about her adventures. She's a knitting social butterfly. We share a couple of similarities. Her favorite colors are red and purple.She's knitting or has knit alot of the patterns I want to try. We both had a baby tooth that never fell out. She had braces put on to close the gap. I have a dental bridge that matches my other teeth.

LovinComfortKnits - She's an awesome lace knitter and a very nice person. Nichole of Lapdog Creations referred me to her when I had questions about blocking lace. I looked at her blog and had another one of my "I want to be able to do that" moments. Her shawls are so beautiful. Her Etain is gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I saw it and said out loud, " WOW!"

Lotus Knits! - She's an actress, knitter and indie yarn hand-dyer. I'm having a hard time resisting from buying her Under the Pink socks in her Lotus Yarn etsy shop. She has contests on her blog and gives away a skein of very own hand-dyed yarn. If you enter one of them, tell her I sent you.

Real Life Live&Unscripted - She knits, sews, scrapbooks and is a photographer. I enjoy reading about her live. She's also a very nice person. I'd been blogstalking her for awhile and decided to delurk and post a comment. She was so touched by it she invited me over for cake. lol...... Ok...what really happened was, I delurked and posted a comment when Adrienne asked her readers to delurk. Instead of putting wildflower38 as my name, I put my real name, Cheryl, on the comment. Adrienne thought I was her neighbor, sent me an email and invited me over for cake.

To whom it may concern: Here's a few of knitterly books that I covet.

Sock Knitting Books:

Lace Knitting Books:

Knitting Books:

What are some blogs you like? What are some knitting books you covet?


Virtuous said...

You are just too sweet! And I can't believe you saw that info about me that I posted a loooong time ago!! How long have you been reading my blog?!?

Good book list! I hope Santa is good to you and you get something from it!! ;oD

Eileen said...

WHAT? My blog isn't one of your favorites? LOL