Thursday, September 4, 2008


Over the past last week Ive started 5 new projects. I usually done have more than 2 to 3 projects going at once. I won't even mention the ones hibernating.

WIPs as of 09-04-08

From the top left and making a circle:

1. Peach Cream Kuchen Socks: I'm knitting them for the September Solid Socks kal over on Ravelry. The J Knits superwash me sock yarn(Georgia) is a little splitty, but sooo soft. I'm knitting 2 socks on 2 circs for the first time. I found a nice tutorial online at Fyberduck. I'm using 1 skein of yarn in a center pull ball. Once I figured out how to keep the yarn from tangling(Use a ziploc or hefty bag with a cut in the bottom and another toward the top to thread the yarn through) it's easy. I'll let you know how it goes with the heel flaps and gusset.

2. Naive Socks: I knit 65 rounds and discovered I have a mistake in the 45-50 rounds. I added and extra round so the cable look wonky now. I'm tinking back to my mistake to fix it.

3. Giboshi Hat: I'm using leftover yarn to make a cable hat for Nichole's Chemo hat project. Its a left twist cable. I'm thinking of changing the ribbing on the cuff.

4. Petite Berrylicious: This is prototype Monkey sock( my 4th pair of them) that could be my niece's Christmas socks. I'm making a child's size 4-5. I'll send the sock off and see if it fits her. Hopefully, it'll be a little big on her. I adjusted pattern so I could cast on and use 48 stitches.

5. Struts Her Stuff: I first casted on as was making the Baby Cable Rib from SKS, but I changed my mind. I'm thinking of using the Ann Budd's 8 sts per inch pattern and make the staggered baby cables. I like how it looks better. If my SIL likes the Monkey sock I made for her daughter , I may just frog them and make a pair of Monkeys too.


Virtuous said...

Oh my goodness!! Your needles are OCCUPIED!! :o)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Iam always so amazed by your sock knitting always so beautiful.Splitting a skein into two balls and putting each one into a lunch baging and turning them when you turn your work is what I did way back when I was knitting Hugs Darcy

Miss Me said...

on the bright side - you shouldn't be bored by knitting on the same project! much as i love the naive pattern, unless my calculations are off, but the time you take into account all of the various cable repeats, the overall pattern repear with all 3 cables is 90 rows. i don't often use a row counter, but with those socks it was a must for me.
i see your mystic light shawl is having a snooze... mine is just waiting to be freed from blocking! a couple of ends to tidy and she'll be DONE! hopefully pics over the weekend.

AllyB said...

Holy Moly! Are you having some start-itis? Yeah, me too. I'm working on a really cool two-color hat now that I couldn't wait to start when I should be finishing the socks I was already working on. Oh, well. It's all good...