Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eagles vs Cowboys

What a wild and crazy game! I was mindlessly knitting gauge swatches and watching all the action. I was disappointed that the Eagles lost(41-37) but enjoyed the game. I was rooting for Eagles not only because I'm a fan, but also because I needed DeSean Jackson(wr) and David Akers(k) to have really good games so I could win my fantasy football game. I needed 15 points just to tie. Despite DeSean totally messing up a touchdown by celebrating too soon, he gave me 11 points. Akers gave me 14 points so I won my game by 10 points.

Fantasy Football has been a lot more fun that I thought it would be. Not only is it making me pay more attention to the league as a whole rather than just my favorite teams but it makes watching all the games fun. There's alot of research involved in picking which players to start or to bench. I consulted a buddy who helped me pick which players to have on my draft list before the season began. He's been right most of the time. This past week I wanted to bench Drew Brees because I didn't think that he'd do well against the Redskins, but I was talked
(text messaged) out of it...... I was right. I would have been better off if I had played Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Oh well, I'm increasing my football knowledge. I'm 2-0 in both my leagues so far. Week 3 is going to be a tough week for me. Both of my opponents has Donovan McNabb, my Eagles quarterback. I'm going to hope Brees has just as good or a better game than McNabb. I cannot root against him because I have Eagles players on my teams. I need for them to catch his passes and touchdowns and kick those field goals and 3 pointers.


Eileen said...

DeSean Jackson almost caused me to lose my FF matchup! I didn't have him, but my opponent had Westbrook - so when Jackson didn't score and Westbrook ran it in on the next play, it gave my opponent more points. I ended up winning by ONE point!

I love FF but I can get a little too crazed about it. :-) That's why I haven't played in a few years. But here I go again. I'm in first place, 2-0. Yea!

Nichole said...

glad you're having fun with the fantasy football!