Thursday, September 11, 2008

House Challenge Season 5

I'm taking a break from reading and posting on the Ravelry group, Sarah Palin Must Be STOPPED, to post another non knitting related but interests me entry on my blog. If you're a not a fan of Gov. Palin, go to ravelry group and get in on the bitching. If you are a fan of Gov. Palin, skip it... you don't want to become a troll. lol

Dr. Scott of Polite Dissent is having his annual House Challenge for season 5 of the tv show. Here's what you have to do:

Make a list of ten conditions or diseases you think will show up on House. Be as specific as possible: no categories (like “cancer” or “autoimmune disease”), and no overly broad descriptions (“liver failure” or “cardiac arrest”, for instance). The list you make will last the remainder of the season — no addition, subtractions, or swaps. Put your list in the comments section.

Each week, your list will be compared against the show. Scoring is as follows:

1 point for a brief mention or one-liner.
3 points if the team actually tests for the condition.
3 points if your diagnosis is featured in a clinic scene.
5 points if the team treats the condition (or supposed condition).
12 points if it’s actually the correct final answer (or one of the answers) of the episode.
please notePlease note: If your diagnosis is close, but not specific enough (for example “meningitis” when the team tests for “viral meningitis”) you will earn 1/3 the points.

Scores will be collated each week and a running total will be kept. Scores will be posted late night the day of the show, or by noon the next day. After the final episode of the season, a winner will be crowned!

Since the last contest ended, I've been compiling and researching diseases/conditions I thought would be "good" on House. Ones that could show up on the show. I made a big mistake last year in that I picked diseases that could only be the final solution. I was trying the diseased ball out of the park. This year I've picked a few of those, but I also some "we think its this but we'll be proven wrong." Here's my picks:

1. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis
2. Histoplasmosis
3. disseminated Tb also known as miliary Tb
4. Anisakidosis also known as anisakiasis
5. Wegener's Granulomatosis
6. Sarcoidosis
7. Scleroderma
8. TTP thrombic thrombocytopenic purpura
9. Toxic Shock Syndrome
10. Addison's disease

If you care to you can, click on each disease/condition to learn about it. The info is from the NIH or the CDC.

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Miss Me said...

okay - much as i love house, i'm just not up to that challenge...! i'll just watch and be amazed.

as a canadian, i'm enjoying watching all of the us election drama. we're also in the midst of an election, but are we ever BORING in comparison!