Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Carefree Holiday or Not KAL

Dr Laura is hosting Carefree Holiday or Not KAL. You can knit anything socks, scarves, hats, etc. To be entered in to the prize drawings, you must knit a minimum of 100 yards. If your knit item is 600 yards of yarn then you'll be entered 6x into the drawing. Here's the rules:
  • 1. KAL starts on October 1, 2008 and ends November 30, 2008. All finished projects must be posted by Midnight, November 30th to qualify for the final drawing. Items started before October 1 do not qualify for the KAL.
  • 2. You will receive one entry for every 100 yards used in your item. Please use a minimum of 100 yards. You may knit a set if items. (For example, a pair of baby socks uses 50 yds of yarn. You will need to knit 2 pairs to qualify for one entry.)
  • 3. Must post photo of project in progress to blog.
  • 4. Must post photo of finished project to blog. Please post how many yards of yarn needed for project. (need this info so you can be given the correct number of entries for your project.) If a set of items is required ( see rule #2), please show all items in ONE post for credit.
  • 5. Limit of one prize per person. We want to spread the wealth. The winner of the sign-up drawing will be exempt from this rule and will be allowed to win one more prize.
  • 6. Special Prize for projects knit with Crystal Palace Yarn. Winner will be decided by blog participants who will vote for their favorite project at the end of the KAL.
  • 7. Winners will be selected by Susan of CPY, using a random number generator.
  • 8. Have fun! This is a Carefree, Stress-free, Holiday or Not KAL. It doesn't even have to be gift knitting. We won't tell.
  • Remember to post your name as listed in the sidebar so you can receive credit for your project.
My Holiday or Not knitting plans are:

1. Kinetic Scarf(from knitty.com) for my dad I'm thinking about using Plymouth Encore Blues

2. Irish Hiking Scarf for my lil brother Plymouth Encore Green

3. Harvest Socks(from the Socknitters files) for my older brother Dream in Color Smooshy November Muse

4. Monkey Socks for my SIL Either Dream in Color Smooshy Midnight Derby or Ruby River

5. Garter Rib Socks for Nephew #3 CTH Supersock Navy

6. Thuja Socks for Nephew #2 CTH Supersock Navy

7. Pink Socks for my Scrabble buddy's wife Dream in Color Smooshy Cool Fire

8. Deep Forest Socks for my uncle I'm thinking about Fearless Fibers Deepest Forest

9. Illumination Scarf for aunt #1 Lane Borgosesia Cashwool Ecru.... If you ever have Grace of Lovin Comfort Knits you have to have to buy her this yarn.... its a wool blend that soft like cashmere and shiny like silk but with out the cashmere/silk price

10. Illumination Scarf for aunt #2 Lane Borgosesia Cashwool Ecru

11. Maelstrom Socks for myself if I can find Dream in Color Butter Peeps I'll use it

Come on over and knit with us :)

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adrienne said...

you need to leave a comment on the "welcome prize" drawing post in order to get your brownie point entry for posting on your blog.