Friday, April 18, 2008

Frustrated Knitting

Clue2 Finished:
After an unfortunate accident and a fix it job that looked wonky, I ripped back to my lifeline(please excuse my perfectionistic tendencies). I pressed on and I've finished Clue 2 of the MysticLight Shawl. I'm 2 clues behind but I think I'll be done with it by May 1st. That's my goal. My SIL's birthday is May 16th. I should have plenty of time to block it and mail it to her.

Adamas Shawl:

Remember this shawl? Well I still not done with it and the kal is over. One of my goals for my vacation is to get done and blocked and start the Angel shawl for my other aunt. Oh yeah... I decided to give them their shawls on July 26th.. That's Aunts and Uncles Day. I changed my plans because the Adamas was taking me so long the knit and I won't have the Angel shawl completed by Mother's Day. I have to give them the shawls at the same time I won't hurt anyone's feelings.

What do you do when your lace knitting frustrates you?
I knit a dishcloth. I saw the Vortex Dishcloths over on Knitty Kitty.
She's knit the Vortex 5 and 6. The dishcloth I knitted and took a picture of unblocked is the Vortex 5 Dishcloth. First to Five has designed 3 Vortex Dishcloths. If I get frustrated next week, you may be seeing the Vortex 6.

One last thing...

If you've read my More about Me post, you'll know that I enjoy playing scrabble and compile word lists so I can increase my score. I was talking to a buddy that I play unrated games with on Scrabulous.I beat her playing this word, QUIXOTRY. I was telling her that I was in the process of reading Word Freak. There's a variation of the word in the book and that's how I was able to add QUIXO to her TRY (triple word score) to get my own triple word score. I suggested she read it too. She told me about this funny short story about scrabble, Death By Scrabble , that I had to read. Please read it. You'll enjoy it. Thank you for stopping by and have a good weekend! :-)


Peggy said...

Congrats on finishing your clue 2, it looks gorgeous as does all your other knitting.

Eileen said...

Both shawls are beautiful!

I read the Word Freak book last year I think. It was interesting. When my husband's grandma was alive, we used to get together with her and my MIL about once a month and play Scrabble. It's a great memory I have of her.

Thank you for praying for my dad!

Miss Me said...

i'm going to go and pull my shawl out of its bag and have a look at it... your mystic light looks so much nicer! maybe i just need a longer cable so i can see it better? i finished clue 2 last weekend after some angst and have stuffed it in a time out bag ever since!
(your adamas is looking FABULOUS!)

AllyB said...

OOO, pretty shawl action there! I'm just breezing in to say hey and flying out the door to my next stop but wanted to let you know I was here and that Scrabble reading looks pretty interesting. Have a great week! Don't work too hard...

Amy said...

I am like you, I knit washcloths/dishcloths when I get frustrated. Great job on the shawl!! I have to check out the vortex pattern.

OhAmyKP said...

I read it and it was funny. Thanks. I am going to forward it to a few people I tortured at scrabble.