Thursday, April 10, 2008


Presenting the Broad Spiral Ribbing Socks aka Vortex knitted with Fearless Fibers superwash sock yarn in the Disipline colorway.

I love these socks! I knitted them for a special work buddy. If they weren't for her, I'd keep these socks. I love them that much. The Vorex takes the place of the Twist&Shout socks I made for her last year that didn't fit. The pattern features a tw2r stitch. I was confused about the stitch until I saw the video on AllButtonedUp. The tutorial author features the stitch in a pattern thats very similar to the Broad Spiral Ribbing.

I frogged and recasted on the PIF Great Barrier Reef socks for
Lushorama. I don't know how I did it but the front and back of the socks switched. I tried tinking a few rows thinking I could find the mistake and correct it but I couldn't so I ripped. I'd like to get them sent out to Lushorama in Australia in May. That's when winter season begins there. The Great Barrier Reef socks are the double lace ribbing socks found in More Sensational Knitted Socks. I'm using the Fearless Fibers superwash sock yarn in the Coral Pink colorway.
The color reminds me of watermelon.

Don't you think so too?

Pattern Surfing: Leyburn Socks by Pepperknit

I've been blogstalking Kelpknits and she just finished knitting these socks. The Leyburn Socks are toe up socks with a lattice stitch pattern. They should be knitted with no ease or even a little positive ease because they aren't stretchy. What drew me to the pattern that it looks gorgeous using variegated or solid yarn. I think whenever I knit the socks I do what Kelpknits did and use Judy Becker's Magic toe and toe up heel flap. (Maiaspins has a excellent toe up gusseted heel tutorial.)

One last thing.... If you need a laugh, head over to Downeast Yarn Ho and see how shes feeling about the weather. LOL I feel that way when its August and just taking out the trash makes you break out into a sweat. (its not for a kid's eyes)


Nichole said...

I LOVE those socks!

Lushorama said...

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE that watermelon colour!!! How did you know that watermelons are one of my all-time favourite fruits (and colours)????
How exciting (I'm feeling very lucky) for me!!!