Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crochet Wednesdays

My first attempt at crocheting was 20 years ago when I was 19. I wanted to make my brother an afghan. What I created instead was a hot mess..... my tension wasn't consistent, the edges were slanted because I didn't know how to pick up a stitch when I was turning my work.... it was fugly. LOL

This summer I decided to take another stab at crochet. Crafty Daisies are hosting a 12 week course on the basics of crochet. They started the lessons back in May(I learned about the course in June). In real time, Heather, the fantastic lady who put together the tutorial, is already on Lesson#9. I got side tracked with learning entrelac so I'm behind.

In Learn to Crochet - Lesson #1, I learned how to do chains and single crochet.

I practiced making a few chains then I started making single crochet. I find it awkward holding the the feeder yarn, and the piece I'm working on. I still haven't found a way that feels comfortable to me. I'm going to ask a few of my crocheting friends how they hold their yarn and the crocheted piece. Hopefully, I'll get enough feedback that I'll find a technique that feels comfortable to me.

At the end of the tutorial, we have to make a few single crochet squares. I was able to keep a consistent tension though holding the piece and yarn was awkward. I'm really proud that the squares edges are even. (Yay!!!) Heather suggested that we use Red Heart acrylic yarn to make our squares, but I'm using Patons Classic Wool Merino instead because Red Heart feels icky in my hands. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday so I can learn how to do half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet stitches.

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