Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tree of Life Week #1 Completed

I've set up a weekly schedule to follow so I don't get behind in my knitting the Tree of Life(TOL). Each week, I knit approximately 30 rows. If I stay on schedule, I'll be done with it by Good Friday in April. That's twelve weeks of knitting which includes knitting the main section in 10 weeks, knitting and sewing the tulip border in 1 week plus an extra week if I get behind.

TOL Week #1 Tree Trunks plus branches crossingTOL Week #1 Trunks plus branches
TOL Week #1TOL Week #1

Week one consisted of me knitting the trunks and some of the branching of the first set of trees. Its not mindless knitting nor is it overly complicated. I just have to pay attention to what I'm doing. The cables are 2/2 and 2/1 ones. I tried knitting it during the Super Bowl(Yay!!! Go Steelers!!)and my increases looked jacked up. I followed the M1 increase instructions provided in the pattern and I had holes wherever there was an increase. I ripped back to row 15 and reknit the increases and beginning branches. This time I used Amy's M1L andM1R nvisible increases and I liked how they looked... plus there were no holes! The yarn is Lion's Brand Wool Ease in the Fisherman(neutral/natural)colorway. This first skein has knots in it and I've gotten good practice at doing the Russian join. Overall, I'm pleased with how the afghan looks so far.


Dianne said...

I make the Tree of Life afghan a few years ago, and I just remember how long it took me to do the border. It seemed like forever at the time!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

It looks great:) I have always wanted to knit this blanket:)Hugs Darcy