Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pink Maelstroms aka Dualla Socks

I LOVE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. I'm a BIG fan of Battlestar Galactica, the reimaging series. Its final season is airing on the SciFi channel. I try to watch the episodes on Friday night but its hard to do because I work when its on so I usually rush home on Saturday morning so I can watch the episode on I spend countless hours reading and posting messages on the BSG ravelry group message board. I love the show so much that I bought Seasons 1 thru 4.0 on dvd.

I love the show so much that I knit a pair of Cookie A's Maelstrom Socks for a knitalong being held on the BSG Ravelry group. (That isn't as bad as naming the dog I had years ago Lt. Geordi LaForge, a Star Trek:TNG character, or so I've been told.) We had to choose a pattern whose name was the same as a BSG character or episode title or use a yarn that was inspired by the series. I chose to knit a pair of Maelstrom. Maelstrom is the title of an episode in Season 3 that dealing with Starbuck. I named my Maelstroms after one of my favorite female characters, Lt. Anastacia Dualla, fleet communications officer. She's the one that'll give you good advice you're having doubts.

FO: Pink Maelstroms aka Dualla Socks

Pink Maelstroms aka Dualla Socks

This pattern is a quick knit.... very, very easy to memorize.The socks only took me 6 days to knit; technically Feb 6 thru Feb 16, but I only knit them on the days I worked plus one Monday.

Pink Maelstroms aka Dualla Socks

pattern: Maelstrom by Cookie A featured in Twist Collective
yarn: Sock That Rock! lightweight in Rosebud
needle: US 1.5 Addi 40" magic loop method
modifications: I used STR lighweight yarn that has a gauge of 7 spi for me instead of the Knittery Merino Chubby Sock that has a gauge of 8spi/the leg has 8 pattern reps instead of 9
Size: US women's 10 wide

***If you're watching the series, please post only spoiler free comments. A buddy who reads my blog has only seen Season 1***


Miss Me said...

pretty socks! no worries about spoiler comments from me... i only watched the original series back in the 80s.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Love the socks and we are die hard fans to:)Iam going to doctor tomorrow to see if I have a sinus infection.Hugs Darcy

Sherilyn said...

I had managed not to get sucked in by that KAL until now. Love the I need to figure out what to knit.

AllyB said...

That's a great pair of socks! Love the color