Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quickie Sock Update: Picholine Sock #1 Done

I'm done with my Dad's first sock. The contrasting yarn that looks like fringe is there to help me count how many rows I have. The top down sock design is very basic. The cuff is k1p1. The leg and foot pattern is k3p3. I wanted something that would be quick to knit. The yarn is Fearless Fibers superwash sock in the Contemplation colorway. Its olive green with gray and a few shades of blue thrown in. Well I need to get dressed for work now. I hope everyone who's off has a good weekend. Take care :-)


Miss Me said...

nice looking socks for dad! i'm sure he'll be pleased. okay - i know i've fallen behind with blog reading (work got in the way) but it looks like we're at the same point with the skp berlin socks - mine are non-existant! no picture with the pattern = uninspired.

AllyB said...

Very nice! Great masculine color too.