Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Crochet Wednesdays

Here's the 2nd pattern of my homework from last week, Basic Granny Square:

I had a hard time doing the granny squares because I kept misreading the pattern. I tried working on the pattern Monday and Tuesday. I could never get my square to look like the picture. I posted a question on Knitting Help about how many sets of 4dc that I should be doing, and Larudden not only answered my question, but she also provide me with an excellent granny square link. I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong...... I got so frustrated with the granny square that I casted on and started knitting a Calorimetry.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have the Wheel in the Valley squares completed. I'm having trouble with the 1st one. I don't have enough sc to do round 5.

Learning to Crochet - Lesson #3
In lesson #3, I learned the shell, popcorn, V, puff and bullion stitches. The Wheel in the Valley pattern I'm working on has the shell stitch and the V stitch.

My crochet homework this week has 6 different patterns. I start on it and post them when I'm done with last weeks patterns. I'm planning on Lesson #3 being done over 2 weeks.

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