Thursday, August 16, 2007

Awesome Loot!!!!!!

Surviving's Craft Room is an awesome spoiler. I love handmade gifts and she made me a Mandy's Candy Bag (filled with lil sour candies..they taste like sweettarts), a soap holder and the DW dishcloth. I made the DW dishcloth for Ally B...... great minds think alike. I got 6 skeins of Sugar n Cream yarn, 3 sets of stitchmarkers, a flipflop notepad, and great smelling soap! I also got 3 dishcloth patterns: DW dishcloth, Bee Stitch cloth, and Cupcake with a Cherry on top. The Cupcake dishcloth is Heather's very own pattern that she designed.

Mandy's Candy Bag was knit with same pretty colorway as my DW dishcloth. I'm going use the pattern to knit lil Christmas candy bags for my niece, nephews and lil brother. The pattern looks like its a quick knit.

The soap holder is based on the Bee stitch dishcloth. Surviving ingeniously crafted the dishcloth into a pretty soap holder. The soap is from Olive Branch Soap. Its very aromatic. I smell lime and eucalypus. (9 more days until my soapmaking class....... I can't wait!)

Heather made these stitchmarkers herself. Surviving's Craft Room's esty store recently opened up and I know that I'll be buying some stitchmarkers from her for my Secret Pal and other exchanges to come.

I'm sooo happy with my Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Exchange package!!!! I cannot wait until the Fall exchange. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH Heather!!!!!!!!!


Surviving said...

I'm so happy to hear you liked everything!

Nichole said...

GREAT swap pack of goodies! I'm still waiting for my DDOS package to arrive.....

Criquette said...

I'm glad she spoiled you as good as you deserve! Hope things are going well for you.