Friday, August 8, 2008

FO: Acai Berry Socks

I'm getting behind on posting for this blog. If you looked at my Ravely projects, you know I'm knitting. My feeble excuse is that I've been having female problems......... hot flashes, migraines, fatigue, etc. My hormones are out of wack. I have a doctor's appointment in a week..... I'm going to walk into his office and just beg him to fix me! I've self diagnosed myself and I think I have either PCOS(95% positive this is it) or I'm going through early onset menopause because I've never had kids. I haven't ovulated since February. I know I haven't been ovulating because I'm one of the "lucky" who has pain(mittelschmerz) when I do. Please bear with me........


I named the socks after the main ingredient(Acai berry) of a beverage I tried called Purple. This is my 3rd pair of Monkey socks. I've knit this pair for my mom's other sister who's birthday is coming up.

Pattern: Monkey Socks by Cookie A
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy Visual Purple
Needles: US 2 Addi turbo 40" circ magic loop method
Gauge: 7.5 spi Don't ask me how my gauge went down????? I'm a tight knitter.....
Modifications: Round heel using Heel by the Numbers file available at the Socknitters group.
Start: July 17, 2008
Finish: July 23, 2008

In about 12 hours I'll get to start on my OlympicSox2008(Ravelympics2008) socks. I've joined 2 kals to help get me motivated. I'm knitting US mens' size 13-14 wide socks for my nephew's big feet. I'm using Bobby Ziegler's Thujas. In the OlympicSox2008, my events are the Marathon and Water Sports(Swimming). I'm able to do that because the socks a big and will take me awhile to do them and they're blue. Wish me luck :-) And I hope all of you finish your Olympic knitting projects. Take care and thanks for stopping by.


Virtuous said...

Gurl I love Acai and I love the color of those socks! Another great pair of Monkeys!!

Miss Me said...

aaah... the addictive quality of the monkey socks! another gorgeous pair for you. i look forward to seeing the olympic socks. kudos to you for knitting the BIG socks.

Dianne said...

I hope the doctor has a magic pill to give you to make everything better. Love the socks!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I can relate to the hormonal problems, my blog has been full of them lately, I found raspberries and acai a huge huge help and just keeping my feet up

I love your Acai Berry socks!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Gorgeous socks:)Hugs Darcy

AllyB said...

Fabo socks Cheryl! I'll bet you could knit a monkey with your eyes closed, lol. Go Super Stitchin Seven!