Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thuja Socks for my bubba

I'm making the Thuja socks for my older brother. His birthday was last month. I casted on for these socks September 20th, a few days after his birthday. This post is for my brother so he can see the progress I'm making on his socks. :-)

I initially casted on 104 stitches based on my 9 spi gauge and his foot circumference estimated as being 11 1/4 inches. I had trouble with ladders and it seemed like there was way tooooo many stitches. (I think my ladder problems stemmed from the fact that I was sleep deprived because I've never had a problem with ladders on 2 circs or magic loop.) I recasted on with 96 stitches and instead of the k1p1 ribbing that the cuff is supposed to be, I did a k2p2 ribbing.

I wanted to use a pattern that fairly easy since I would be knitting a big sock. The leg is knitted using seed stitch ribbing. It's a 2 row pattern. A repeating purl stitch in the second row is the only the difference this and stockinette.

Heel Flap and Turning the Heel:
I started the heel with on the wrong side instead of the right side. I did that because I moved the last stitch on needle 2 to needle 1 and moved a stitch from needle 1 to needle 2. I used Schurch's tip, picking up 2 extra stitches at the top of the gusset, to keep holes from forming at the top of the gusset.

Foot and Toe Shaping:
I made the foot 9 3/8 inches long. I used standard toe shaping. I was going to use a round toe shaping since 96 is a multiple of 8 and I had never done it before.... but I decided against it. I think the reason I had 2nd sock syndrome with the Twist & Shout socks was because I was trying to do too many new things.

I immediately casted on and knit the cuff of the 2nd sock. I going to have to stop knitting the sock for a couple of days because I need to finish My So Called Scarf and I'm working.

BTW.... Check out the details for the Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap! YARN and favorite legal addictive stimulants.... I'm going to sign up! Registration begins October 24th!

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