Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Knitting Anniversary

Today is my knitting anniversary. On October 24, 2006 at Knotty Girl Yarns, I learned to "stitch and bitch." (Ok.... alright.....I knew how to bitch loong before then)LOL I had my first knitting lesson and learned to cast on using the long tail cast on and to knit. Two days later, I learned to bind off in knit stitch and to purl. I used to hate to purl. I would have to read in my Stitch and Bitch book how to purl because I would choose patterns that used knit stitch only. That was of course before I found out about with website, and their great knitting videos.

The reason I knit is because of myaimistrue. Last year I started watching Project Runway. I would read the blogs online that recapped the show. One blog that I kept going back to was I thought her recaps were so funny. I started reading her other posts and saw that she was knitting socks. Then October came and she was knitting socks for Socktoberfest. I thought to myself.... I want to do that! So I called around and made an appointment at Knotty Girl Yarns. Looking back that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love to knit and it gives me a creative outlet and peace and calm.

Apple Harvest Sock Update:

I knitted heel, heel flap and was decreasing the gusset when I decided to rip back to the end of the leg. I wasn't liking the holes on the sides of the heel flap. Both sides of the heel flap were knitted in garter stitch and when I picked up the stitches on the sides to decrease the gusset, I had holes. I thought if I kept knitting that it would look better but it didn't soooo I ripped. Those extra knit stitches account for the modification of the original pattern in which I casted on 72 stitches instead of 60. I'm going to try knitting the extra stitches in the heel flap in stockinette and see if I like that better.

I've added 2 new sock yarns to my meager sock yarn collection....

The 1st one is Shi Bui 100% superwash merino in Pink Blossom colorway. (It looks orangey in the picture but it's because of the lighting when I took the photo.) It's soo soft. I already have the yarn earmarked for socks for a buddy's upcoming birthday. I covet Shi Bui's Midnight, Peacock, Peony, Mulberry, Marine, Roppongi, and Jewel colorways

The 2nd one is a new find.... Farmhouse Yarns' Bo Peep's Not Just for socks yarn (75% merino and 25% nylon). When I ordered it, I was going to use it for socks as a thank you gift for a buddy that did me a favor. Now that I have it I want to keep it for myself. I also like the boysenberry, old roses, orchid, rhapsody, plums&pinks, and wildflower.

What I'm reading:

I've been reading The Apprentice. It's the second book in the Jane Rizzoli series by Tess Gerritsen. I'm liking it so far.

What I'm watching:

Dexter Morgan

Dexter.... he's the serial killer of serial killers. This is a great show. I've gotten hooked on it. Michael C. Hall plays Dexter on the show. Those that watched HBO's Six Feet Under will remember him as David Fisher. Dex is nothing like sweet David.

House..... I'm liking this season alot better than I liked season 3. Cutty rehired Foreman... I cannot wait until next week to see how House takes the news. I also joined the House Along blog. I've been in Wilson's category(socks). Maybe the shawl I want to knit will fit into Cutty's category. I'm also participating in a "House Challenge." Over on Polite Dissent's blog last week he had use pick out 10 diseases that could diagnosed on House. My picks are

1. dissminated Tb….. and the lab tests will come back way too quick confirming the dx

2. Kawasaki disease

3. TTP- thrombic thrombocytopenic purpura

4. Loeys-Dietz aortic aneurysm syndrome- House will come into the patient’s room and have him/her say aahhh and then we’ll get to see his/her split uvula

5. Nephropathic epidemia with internal hemorrhaging- we’ll get to see a bloody urine so we know there’s renal involvement/cause vole bite

6. Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever- tick bite

7. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease-mad cow disease

8. HHT- hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia with AVMs-the team will keep misdiagnosing the patient 1st it’ll be Tb because of the spot in the lungs on the xray until they get to the right dx/treatment will be life long estrogen therapy

9. Neimann Pick disease type C

10. Maple syrup disease-patient has dementia/no one ever collects a urine on the patient

We're competing for bragging rights. I'm excited that I got 3 points this week for Mad Cow Disease.

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