Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fall into Autumn Topic #4

Anne's topic of the week: I know that when Fall arrives, I'm much more excited about having foods like Chili and Soups and Crock Pot type meals - there's just something about coming home to a house that smells all nummy and having a nice bowl of warmth when there's a chill in the air outside. How about you? Are there any recipes you especially enjoy having in the Fall? Any foods that are seasonal that you especially enjoy?

I subscribe to a Southern cooking newsletter and I get alot of my recipes from it. One of the recipes I really like is the carne guisado. It's a tender stew meat with gravy. I serve it on top of rice. I also like to make chicken noodle soup with garlic. I serve it with crusty French bread. I know the times when the bakery at the grocery store makes them and I can time it to get them when the bread is fresh out of the oven. Of course Fall wouldn't be Fall if I didn't bake pies especially apple pies. I like to make apple pies with royal gala, jonathan or pippin apples.

Note: The image in this post is from the internet,
mindpetals.com and not taken by me.


AllyB said...

That soup looks very yummy.

Nichole said...

thanks for the yummy links!

Brooke said...

OK...now I'm reeeeeally hungry :))))