Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solid Socks KAL

solid sock banner

My next sock kal is the Solid Socks (and semi solids too) year long kal over on Ravelry. Its an informal sock kal that has you knit a pair of socks with your choice of pattern in a preselected color. We're not picky about the shades of preselected color.

Colors for 2008-2009

September: Oranges
October : Browns (to include tans/honey etc)
November : Golds/yellows
December : Reds and greens
January : Burgundy/wine and black/greycolors
February : Pinks/Peaches
March : Greens
April : Purples
May : Pastels
June : Naturals/Whites
July : Blues, Reds or White
August: Brights and only solids

For September I'm knitting Evelyn Clark's Waving Lace Socks from Favorite Socks in J Knits Superwash Me sock yarn in Georgia. It reminds of me of a dessert one of my ex coworkers would make and that's what I named the socks,Peach Cream Kuchen.

J Knits Georgia

Come on over and join us :-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm having fun!!!

I was listening to Your Health on NPR and they had a segment on meditation and how it lowers your blood pressure. Meditation produces a relaxation response. Knitting does that for me! My blood pressure has gone down since I started knitting...... especially sock knitting. The socks that are lowering my blood pressure now are the Karner Blues.

Karner Blues Sock#1

I bought the cable needle necklace that is featured on Darcy's blog. Darcy has great instructional videos on how to use the cable needle necklace. I'm using it to knit the 2x2 and 3x3 cables in the Naive sock pattern. I've trying to knit the 1x1 cables without the cable needle. I'm able to do so except for the one at the beginning of the round. Those stitches are too tight to use the cableneedleless cable technique. Go checkout Darcy's blog and leave a comment.

Summer of Socks

My final tally from the Summer of Socks is 6 plus 1 in progress.


1. My 1st Jaywalkers
2. Monkey See Monkey Do Monkey Socks
3. Crimson Purls aka Berrylicious Monkey Socks
4. Acai Berry Monkey Socks
5. Excalibur Garter Rib Socks
6. Swagger Thuja Socks
7. Karner Blues Naive Sock..... Socks #1 in progress

It was a great kal and I look forward to doing it again next year.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swagger Socks

My Christmas knitting has started! I'm knitting my older brother's family socks for Christmas. ..... all 7 of them. These are some BIG socks! lol Lebron James (size 15 shoe) could wear these socks.

Swagger Socks

FO: Nephew #1 Socks
pattern: Thuja Socks from by Bobby Ziegler
yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids in Navy (get use to seeing this yarn I have 3 more pairs to make with it)
size: US mens 14 wide
needles: US 1 Addi turbo 2 24'' circs
modifications: fingering weight yarn
start: August 8, 2008 Olympics opening Ceremonies
finish: August 22, 2008 at 610pm CST 2 days left of the Olympics

Monday, August 11, 2008

Excalibur Socks

I finished my uncle's last week. I think he'll like them. Charlene Schurch's garter rib is an easy unisex pattern that looks good with any yarn.

Excalibur Socks
Excalibur Sock #2Excaliur Socks Slipped Stitch heelExcalibur Socks Seed Rib pattern Pattern: Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch Yarn: Fearless Fibers' Superwash sock yarn in Contemplation Needles: US 1 addi turbo 24" 2 circ method Gauge: 9 spi Modifications: Heel flap is 32 rows instead of 40. Round heel Start: July 23, 2008 Finish: August 7, 2008

dishrag tag One last thing, I'm on Team 7 of the Dishrag Tag. I have my US 7 Addi turbo ready for my turn. Good luck to everyone participating!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

FO: Acai Berry Socks

I'm getting behind on posting for this blog. If you looked at my Ravely projects, you know I'm knitting. My feeble excuse is that I've been having female problems......... hot flashes, migraines, fatigue, etc. My hormones are out of wack. I have a doctor's appointment in a week..... I'm going to walk into his office and just beg him to fix me! I've self diagnosed myself and I think I have either PCOS(95% positive this is it) or I'm going through early onset menopause because I've never had kids. I haven't ovulated since February. I know I haven't been ovulating because I'm one of the "lucky" who has pain(mittelschmerz) when I do. Please bear with me........


I named the socks after the main ingredient(Acai berry) of a beverage I tried called Purple. This is my 3rd pair of Monkey socks. I've knit this pair for my mom's other sister who's birthday is coming up.

Pattern: Monkey Socks by Cookie A
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy Visual Purple
Needles: US 2 Addi turbo 40" circ magic loop method
Gauge: 7.5 spi Don't ask me how my gauge went down????? I'm a tight knitter.....
Modifications: Round heel using Heel by the Numbers file available at the Socknitters group.
Start: July 17, 2008
Finish: July 23, 2008

In about 12 hours I'll get to start on my OlympicSox2008(Ravelympics2008) socks. I've joined 2 kals to help get me motivated. I'm knitting US mens' size 13-14 wide socks for my nephew's big feet. I'm using Bobby Ziegler's Thujas. In the OlympicSox2008, my events are the Marathon and Water Sports(Swimming). I'm able to do that because the socks a big and will take me awhile to do them and they're blue. Wish me luck :-) And I hope all of you finish your Olympic knitting projects. Take care and thanks for stopping by.