Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long Time No See

I'm still alive. I survived the bad cold I had after Christmas. I was really sick. In fact when I was running a fever my eyeballs felt hot. I felt so bad all I could do was sleep and play Ravelry games the limited amount of time I was awake. Over the past week, I started knitting again and I even have a few FOs.

Lace Ribbed Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks

These are my first toe up socks. I knit the for a buddy, C. I used Judy Becker's Magic cast on. I watched the Cat Bordhi video on youtube to learn the technique. I also conquered short row heels using Kathleen Taylor's no wrap short row heel technique. Yay!!!! I used EZ's sewn bind off for the first time also. I don't know if I'll make another pair of toe up socks, but at least I know I can do them successfully. The sock yarn I used is Madeline Tosh's Somewhat solid in vermillion. It's wonderful. If you can get your hands on some, buy it!

Foliage Hats

The Foliage hat pattern featured in the Fall 2007 knitty is so easy. I'd never made a hat from the crown down but it's easy and a quick knit. I made version 2 and modified the pattern by increasing the hat body from 3 repeats to 4 and the ribbed brim from 7 rows to 10. I used EZ sewn bind off. The purple one I made in December and promptly started wearing it. The red one(I'm sorry for the bad pic. It's been raining and darkly overcast here.) is for a friend, L.

Sock yarn buys

I bought 2 purpley skeins of sock yarn from Fearlessfibers. The one on the right is Imagine; it's a grapey purple with navy blue. The left one is Blue violet. I'm using it to the Bluebell Rib socks from SKS. The socks are for a swap I'm doing.


Eileen said...

Glad you're still alive! :-)

Great pics of your FOs.

AllyB said...

Stoppin in to say hey and I'm glad you survived the cold. The purpley socks look really great and the lace ribbed are super sweet! Have a great day!

Miss Me said...

sounds like everyone has been sick - glad to hear that you're feeling better! nice looking FOs. i didn't give the foliage hat a second thought - but i will now. isn't it interesting how your perspective changes when you see something knit with a different interpretation?

Nichole said...

Love the colors of the yarn!!!
Great FO's too!

Angela said...

Glad you are feeling better! Great FOs. The hats came out great and I love the socks, good work :o)

S. said...

Great socks. I don't do the Mystic Light Shawl kal but the secret of the stole. Have to look at the other one though!

Grace Yaskovic said...

beautiful knitting feel better, I know all about colds!

Criquette said...

I'm catching up on reading your blog. The foliage hats are to die for! I was looking at the pattern earlier this week and put it down because it looked too hard. But now I feel encouraged to try the pattern.