Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ebony Elite Swap Package and Other Mail

Ebony Elite Scarf Swap Package

I participated in a swap with my Ravelry and yahoo group sistahfriends, Ebony Elite. Its a group for African American crafters.... knitters, crocheters, jewelry designers, etc. I was shocked there was such a group because I'm the only Black knitter in my city that I know of. lol Anyway, Kinkycoils was very good to me. She's a wonderful spoiler. Look what I got:

Knitting needle point protectors, a knitting thimble(how did she know that I signed up to take a class in stranding at my LYS in March), hot chocolate and gingersnap biscuits(yum!!!) and a pretty compact mirror(I'll have to hide it... I have friends who'll want it). Last but not least is the beautiful crocheted scarf Kinkycoils knitted for me using sock yarn. I love it!!! :-) It's her own design and just beautiful. My pictures don't do it justice. I'm going to find out if she has the pattern for sell and link it here. THANK YOU SO MUCH K!!!!!!

****Edited: I forgot about the Lana Grossa sock pattern book. I already have picked out patterns I want to knit from it. The spiral eyelet socks are pretty.

My EESS Downstream pal's scarf

This is the only picture I took of the scarf I made my EESS downstream pal's scarf before I mailed it off with the books, yarns, stitchmarkers and goodies I sent her. The scarf is the Lacy V by Pegg Thomas. The pattern calls for wool ease yarn, but I made it instead with Patons 100% merino wool one of my favorite worsted yarns. I wet blocked the scarf to a finished size of 8 inches wide by 36 inches in length.

More Fearless Fibers sock yarn plus some Jaggerspun Maineline

I bought another skein of the Blue Violet because I loved it so much. I still knitting the Bluebell rib socks with the first skein I have of it. I'll post pictures after I finish them and send the package off to the Sock It to Me Twice downstream pal. The second skein of Fearless Fibers yarn is the purple-ish red Lust, the first sock yarn this year in her series of the 7 deadly sins.

The cinnebar is JaggerSpun Mainline 2/20, a light fingering weight(in between laceweight and fingeringweight) that I want to use to make the Orchid Pi shawl. I'm planning on making it around May. The second cone is JaggerSpun Maineline 2/8 fingeringweight yarn in natural. I'll use it to make the Adamas Shawl for one of my aunts for Mother's Day. I'm adding 4 repeats to chart 2 of the pattern because my aunt is a tall woman. I may have to order another cone of the natural because I want to use it to make the Mystic Light Shawl for my other aunt. I'm making the Adamas Shawl for the first Ebony Elite KCal of 2008. The purpose of the KCal is to challenge ourselves.

Sock Bags

If you haven't bought a sock bag from StuckinIllinois' etsy shop, hurry up and do so! She's putting up new stock as I write this. They're only $10 shipping included and she ships priority so you'll get it in about 2 to 3 days. The sock bags are part of the SockItToMe swap package I'm putting together. My theme for the package is Hearts.


Miss Me said...

meee-ooow! what a great looking swap package. 7 deadly sins in yarn colours? what could be more perfect?!

AllyB said...

That's a nice bunch of stuff you got! It's good to see you posting. I've been wondering what you are up to, lol. Kamika is pretty cool, that's a great package. She always has such interesting stuff on her blog. Thanks for the StuckInIllinois etsy shop tip. I'm on my way over there...have a great day!

Nichole said...

Great swappy package! Beautiful yarns - esp that purple! I bought 2 of those little sock bags and they are a GREAT deal!

Dame Wendy said...

That all looks great! The scarf makes me want to take up crochet. :)

Criquette said...

Those scarves are so gorgeous that I can't decide which one is prettier. looks like you both win!