Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day/Jade Hederas

So my blog doesn't get pinched:


Man, those socks made my ankles look like cankles. The Jade Hederas were a quick, easy knit and stretchy. I was kind iffy about the long heel flag. It seemed like it was extra long and would not fit my foot. Others on the Makin' Cookie board posted the same doubts. It fits though.

I bought a skein and a half of Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Olive to make the socks. The socks took less than a full skein. I have enough yarn leftover from the full skein to make matching mini sock for my sock blocker key chain.


pattern: Hedera by Cookie A from
yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Olive.... a gorgeous, vivid green
needle: US 1.5 Addi 40" circ
Size: 10 wide
start: March 1, 2009
finish: March 12, 2009


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

They are gorgeous you always knit amazing socks:)(((Hugs)))) Darcy

AllyB said...

Those are super-fabulous socks! Nice color for sure.